Xylo-Tie Necktie

An over-the-top gift idea for the man / woman who thought they had everything !

This Xylophone-inspired musical neck tie is individually hand made made from polished copper links, and can be custom sized to any length.

Comes with an attached playing mallet , and interchangeable, Velcro–adjustable, neck bands, in black and white nylon.

Sure ,the notes sound a little flat, but it sure beats the pants off those cheesy , mass marketed ,washboard ties that everyone and his brother seems to have.

Plenty of time to order for that special occasion  – Place your order today for delivery in about 2 weeks.

Custom sizing is included – The tie shown is an average length – 14 ½“ from the bottom of the knot.

Made to Order
$ 125 + Shipping

Click here for a larger photo of the tie,
Here for the mallet.


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