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Earrings for a Friend

Chinese Character meaning " Friend ".
1 3/8" X 1 1/8" oval, made of recycled Copper.
Finished to a high polish, coated to prevent tarnishing.
Price includes a gift card & box .

 In Stock, ready to ship
$ 45 + Shipping



Bamboo Scenery

Embossed , Patinated and Burnished
Light weight copper - easy to wear all day .
1  3/16" X 1  1/16" oval
Treated to preserve color .
Price includes a gift box .
Click here to see a larger photo.

$ 35 + Shipping
In Stock, Ready to Ship

Up-cycled Shells
These start with a broken shells I find at the beach.
After grinding the shell pieces into a flat backed cabochon ,
I set them in a bezel with with a copper shaped
back to help accentuate the shape of the shell.
No two are ever alike.

Made with a hammered edge, hung on ear wires with
fresh water pearls, approx. 1" wide X 1 1/8" long.
Coated to prevent tarnish.
Price includes a gift box .
Click here to see a larger photo.
Also available as a set with a matching pendant.

$ 40 + Shipping
In Stock - Ready to Ship


gr tiers sm_1.jpg

 Tiered Green Scallop Shells

Corrugated and formed, with a sea green patina,
and burnished highlights.

1 1/2" long , made of light gauge Copper , for comfortable
all day wear. Shells move independently when wearing them.

Coated to prevent tarnish and to protect the color.
Price includes a gift box.
Click here to see additional larger photo.

$ 40 + shipping
In Stock - Ready To Ship

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