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I work exclusively in Copper, much of it recycled material.
I use a wide variety of tools and finishing techniques to bring
out the beautiful potential of my favorite metal.

All the materials used , including the ear wires, are crafted in my studio.
The earring designs also include crystals, natural stones, or beads,
to tastefully compliment the warmth of the Copper.

All the pieces from my studio are " one-of-a-kind " works.
Due to the nature of the material and the methods I use,
no two pieces ever turn out exactly the same.
Any buyer can truly say they have an exclusive piece of jewelry.

My designs are finished with one of several treatments to insure
lasting quality and freedom from tarnish, in normal wear.

I  also welcome custom work, if you have a
design in mind for yourself or for a loved one.

Thanks for visiting,

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