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Temple Bell Set

Hammered  and riveted copper pendant with hanging Japanese temple bells.
Soldered ring, hung on a custom leather adjustable cord.
Pendant is approx. 1 1/2" X 15/16" wide

Three dimensional moving earrings, with green glass beads to accent the Copper bells.
They make a slight tinkling sound, when you move.
Earrings are approx. 11/16" wide at top & hang 1 1/2"
Made of recycled copper and coated to prevent tarnish.
Click here to see a larger photo.
Price includes gift  box.

$ 75 + Shipping
In stock- ready to ship

Up-cycled Shell Pendant and Earring set

These pieces starts with broken shells that I find at the beach. After grinding  the shell pieces into a flat backed cabochon , I set it in a bezel, with a copper shaped back to
help accentuate the shape of the shell. No two are ever alike.

The Pendant is approximately 1 7/16" X 1 5/8" high, with a hammered edge, hung on a adjustable leather cord.

The earrings also have a hammered edge, and are hung on custom ear wires with fresh water pearls, approx. 1" wide X 1 1/8" long.

Both are treated to prevent tarnish. Click here to see a larger photo.
Price includes a gift box for both pieces.

The individual pieces are also available separately at an individual price if you prefer only one.
But you save by ordering the set .

$ 75 + shipping
In Stock- ready to ship

upcycle setsm_0.jpg

pillow setxsm.jpg

"3-D" Copper Pillow Set

Pierced, patinated, and shaped copper squares,
Fronts and backs joined at the corners, for a rounded "pillow" effect.
 Earrings : Fitted with stylized copper ear wires

7/8" square with rounded corners.
Pendant: 1 1/8" square with rounded corners.
Soldered ring, hung on an adjustable leather cord.
Price includes a gift box
Click here for a larger photo

$ 80 + Shipping
Made to Order

Custom Commission

Moroccan Berber Symbol


More to come,  Stay Tuned !


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